Amazing Grace - The Movie (Australian Release July 26, 2007)


Unlike Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, Michael Apted's 'Amazing Grace' (
is a movie that you won't want to miss.
This epic film re-tells the story of William Wilberforce a pro-active Christian leader and a productive concerned parliamentarian, who,
after 20 years of faithful campaigning to abolish slavery, finally succeeded in 1807 in passing an act of parliament in all British colonies.

William Wilberforce played by Ioan Gruffudd

Starring Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd as William Wilberforce, and Albert Finney as John Newton,
Amazing Grace is due to be released on February 23 in the USA and March 23 the UK ,
to mark the bicentennial of the passage of a key bill in the battle against the slave trade.
The Australian release will be July 26, 2007.
Motion pictures are powerful tools in the hands of film makers, especially in these last days.
Most producers are no longer satisfied in making an escape flick or an entertaining film.
They desire to remould mindsets and demand to reshape attitudes; especially that of the young,
the naive and the restless.
Last year, we battled against the errors and inaccuracies of The Da Vinci Code.
This year, we will build on the excellence and influence of Amazing Grace.
Just as The Nativity Story last year, and The Passion of the Christ in 2004, Amazing Grace this year presents the Christian community
general, and local Churches in particular, with a golden outreach opportunity.
Here are some important dates:

Feb 18 - Amazing Grace Sunday in US only (That was changed from worldwide date)

Feb 23 - Release of Amazing Grace Movie in US

March 21 - John Newton spritual birthday

March 23 - Release of Amazing Grace Movie in UK (That was recently changed from Feb 23) & Canada.

March 25
o Amazing Grace Sunday in UK - (That was changed from Feb 18)
o Bicentenary of abolition slave trade- William Wilberforce /Private Advance Screening of Movie

July 26- Release of Amazing Grace - The Movie in Australia

Sept 23 - Rev. Richard Johnson accepted John Newton's proposal to be the chaplain on the first fleet to Australia

Dec 21 - Bicentenary of John Newton's Death .

Despite its producer's poetic licence in some areas and the fact that the character of John Newton appears only in 3 scenes in the film,
Amazing Grace is still a timely evangelistic tool, due to the songs lyrics and the strong link the former slave trader had with the Antislavery crusader
John Newton's controversial book -Thoughts on the African Slave Trade helped equip and highly empowered his dear friend and beloved disciple,
William Wilberforce. What godly influence and great impact!
In some ways, this reminds me of the relationship of John G. Ridley's message the echoes of eternity and Arthur Stace's ministry -
the writing of eternity.

John Newton played by Albert Finney

What Mr. Eternity was to Sydney, Amazing Grace is to the world!

This was the seed that God planted in the soil of my heart in 2002, following the successful
campaign of The Life and Legacy of Mr Eternity - a seed that, after 3 years of thorough research
and diligent preparation, bore fruit in The Man & Story Behind Amazing Grace.

One more thing to keep in mind is that 2007 is not only the bicentenary of the abolition
of the slave trade by the British parliament, but also of the death of John Newton .
So to help you strategize with an effective plan and evangelize with an enthusiastic passion, let me share with you few ideas and resources.
1.The Man & the Story behind Amazing Grace gospel tract
You can use my latest gospel tract The Man and the Story behind Amazing Grace, for leaflet drop in your area and around your church.
500,000 copies have already been printed and distributed Australia wide and overseas, with 100,000 having gone to the Melbourne
Commonwealth Games outreach in 2006. Translations are also available in Kenyan, Greek and Chinese.
To view or download the tract, click here. If you would like to receive a sample hard copy, you can write to me at P.O Box 5296 Chullora
NSW 2190 Australia. Please include a self stamped/addressed envelop and I'd be glad to send you a complimentary copy ASAP.
If you would also like to enquire about a bulk order for your church outreach, this is also available; you can email me your request

2.The Man and the Story behind Amazing Grace - new book

The book- an 84 page with the same title as the tract is:

  • A condensed but a comprehensive narrative, with a strong evangelistic emphasis, and
  • An easy to follow historical account of the soul of John Newton and the story of his Amazing Grace.
The book is NOW available
The Launch took place on Friday April 27 -7.30 pm at Inner West Baptist Church -9 Exeter Rd Homebush West NSW
The Guest Speakers were The Rev.Hon. Fred Nile MLC & Rev Daniel Scot with Rev Sam Baissari as MC

3. Cinema Booking

You can book a cinema in your local area and invite your family and friends to an evangelistic private screening.
You are able to negotiate a big group discount on ticket prices. You can also arrange with the centre management beforehand not to have ads
or previews before the screening of the movie.
After the closing credits crawl, starting with Directed by MICHAEL APTED, over a bagpipe powerful performance of the greatly-loved title tune,
and sung ever so passionately by Wilberforce (Gruffudd), you are free to go ahead and conclude with a brief gospel challenge.
As you're giving your talk ,please remember yourself and remind your audience that this motion picture is based on true events, however,
some of the characters, names and certain locations and events have been changed, and others have been fictionalized for dramatization

As your invited guests leave the cinema, present them with a gift package, which can include the above tract and book.
Our past movie outreaches of The Nativity Story last year, and The Passion of the Christ in 2004, were well attended. The cinemas were full.
If you live in the Sydney area, you are welcome to join us for our July Amazing Grace Movie Outreaches.
I have a number of them planned . You can call our church office on (02) 9742 5719  or email me on for details.

God bless you as you seek to glorify Him, stand on the word of His grace, and serve Him in truth and with gladness.
With the love of Christ

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